New Features & Updates

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No more registering patients... Save time by having patients register on their phone while in the waiting area

Patients can now fill out their personal information, including first name, last name, cell phone number (for results delivery), their date of birth, address, answer a few questions, and select the type of test for which they are being seen.They will also be able to upload their proof of insurance, photo ID, and sign the consent to treat.

Improve your local visibility and search engine optimization (SEO) with Snap Healthcare

You’re automatically added to our clinic locator tool to help patients find you easier and faster. As a bonus, we generate a new backlink to help you improve your Local SEO efforts. Contact us to learn more.

Speed up the patient registration process by allowing patients to upload photos of their insurance card and ID card

Patients now have the ability to upload or capture images of their insurance cards and ID cards during self-registration. This enhancement provides a simple, more efficient way of uploading cards to their patient profile allowing staff to spend less time manually collecting insurance information from patients. In addition, this new functionality also improves accuracy by allowing patients to key in their own data.

Be on the lookout for our new COVID-19 and Mobile Diagnostic vans

Introducing Snap Healthcare's Mobile Diagnostic & COVID-19 Testing Vans.Now offering mobile health, which includes COVID-19 testing, employer solutions, urgent care solutions, and other diagnostics.

New Snap Healthcare Office in Palm Springs, CA

We are excited to announce we have recently opened our new offices in Palm Springs, CA. This is the perfect location for a fast growing company such as ours.

Smaller Label Size Added to Print Choices

We have added a second option when printing Dymo labels. The new size is a smaller standard address label that is a standard stocked item. When ordering choose the Dymo Label that is 1 1/8 X 3 1/2.