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Compliance tracking and employee health oversight

Snap Healthcare is a HIPAA compliant health reporting tool for Employers & Human Resources that offers a service system that transforms how you document and deliver health results.

Accessible to both the employer and Human Resources, and ready with documentation to complete physical, drug screens, COVID-19 testing, or vaccines – including reporting to state agencies. Deliver results through portals and automated email and testing. Reduce your staff supporting employer services by 75%.


Snap Healthcare™ for Employee Health

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Through effective, accurate reporting, we can help keep your employees safe and your business in compliance. Our turnkey solution has documentation ready to complete physicals, drug screens, COVID-19 testing/compliance, and vaccines.

Self-Managed Portals
Manage your own account with unlimited admin and employee user accounts
Physicals & Drug Screens
Order physicals and/or drug screens from your portal, ensuring accuracy
Automated Notifications
Notify new applicants where and when to report for their physicals
On-Demand Clearance Reports
Generate on-demand clearance reports with all required tests attached

For Employers & Human Resources

Snap Healthcare is a HIPAA compliant health reporting tool for Employers & Human Resources that offers a service system to transform how you document, communicate, and deliver employee health results. Our web-based software lets you set up, customize, and run your wellness programs from anywhere at anytime.

Increase Efficiency

Snap Healthcare is a complete employee health solution that allows you to perform all your required employee health screenings, drug screens and pre-employment physicals electronically. We work with you to understand your needs and develop a program that meets and exceeds your requirements while reducing expenses and increasing efficiency.

Ensure Employer Compliance

Snap Healthcare is a paperless health documentation solution designed specifically for the employer market. With Snap Healthcare, employers can avoid the pitfalls of fragmented paper-based processes and ensure compliance with new government health care legislation.

Supporting your Employee and Corporate Health Needs

Snap Healthcare is a digital solution that supports your employee and corporate health needs in a simple, paperless system. With Snap, you can track individual and group events, create reports, analyze data across multiple locations, monitor compliance status with HIPAA/HITECH and FERPA rules and more.

Employee Health Solutions for the Future

Practice Management Solution
Snap Healthcare™ is the most advanced digital platform specifically designed to capture accurate patient information at each visit, track lab results delivery, collect payments, and streamline billing.
Lab Reporting & Delivery
Transform your documentation, delivery of results (including COVID-19), and vaccination management through portals, data exchange, and email and text (SMS) notifications.
Shorten Revenue Cycles
Get paid faster by sending weekly (not monthly) past due notices to employers. We automate the entire process for your business.

Charting, Billing, and Automated Reporting Made Easy

Snap Healthcare™ is a web-based documentation and reporting platform built to serve Clinics, Hospitals, Testing Centers, Labs, and Employers. Transform your clinical documentation, delivery of health results, and data management through portals, data exchange, and automated email and text notification.

Keep Employees Informed
Automatically send results/reminder notifications via text or email to employees & employers to comply with company vaccination and testing requirements
Patient Pre-Registration
Save clinic resources by having patients self-register before they arrive at the clinic. Capture demographics and insurance information before patient arrival.
Automatically Send Invoices
Easily generate and automatically send electronic invoices for the Occupational Medicine and Employee Health services your business provides.
Reduce Admin Costs
Save time and money by automating claims submission. Our system combines state of the art technology with innovative business strategies to reduce your administrative and management costs.
Monitor & Report
Automate the billing process by sending weekly invoices directly from the Snap Healthcare system. Avoid double-data-entry by tracking missing claims and past due invoices quickly.
Reduce Unpaid Claims
No more manual process of calling employers looking for missing claim numbers. Reduce the number of unpaid Work Comp claims due to delays in gathering information from employers.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Is my employee's health information secure?

Snap Healthcare follows strict HIPAA compliance regulations to ensure the safety and protection of employee health data. We will only share employees' COVID-19 vaccination status with employers, and employees will be notified prior to that data being shared.

Can an employer see an employee's private medical information?

Employers can see employees' COVID-19 test data and related data (check-ins, work readiness, etc.). Non-COVID-19 data will not be visible to employers.

What type of data does the dashboard show?

Our COVID tracking dashboard displays COVID-19 vaccination doses, dates of vaccinations and brand(s) administered. We also display COVID test results and symptom tracking for members.

Is the dashboard updated with real-time data?

Yes, the dashboard will show the latest information on your employees' COVID-19 vaccination and testing status. It will also notate those who opted out for medical or religious accommodations. Depending on your company’s policy, your organization can choose if opting-out requires workers to do recurrent testing. Testing and vaccinations done through Snap Healthcare will also reflect in the dashboard.

Can employees upload vaccine information if they did not get their vaccination through Snap Healthcare?

Yes, employees can upload CDC compliant vaccination cards to Snap Healthcare using the photo upload feature in the app.

Can an employee opt-out for religious or medical reasons?

Yes, you can build the dashboard to follow your own company's vaccination status policy in alignment with EEO laws. Thereby showing exemptions for unvaccinated employees who choose to opt-out for religious or medical reasons.

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