Snap Lab Automation Increases Your Revenue, Creates New Business Opportunities, Reduces Admin & Support Expenses, Assures You're On-time & Compliant, Sends Results Directly from Lab to Patients

Capturing precise patient information and processing lab requests is now effortless. Snap's automated requisition process allows for seamless delivery to labs, with secure results delivered directly to patients or employers via text and email. .

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The Automated Requisition Process

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"Our staff is no longer wasting their time calling patients to tell them their lab results."

Snap Healthcare delivers lab and panel results directly to patients via SMS text messages, eliminating the need for patients to wait for a phone call from the clinic.

Our secure and HIPAA-compliant SMS text messages will only be sent to the authorized phone number, and the patient must verify their identity before accessing their results.

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Snap Healthcare At-a-Glance.

Easy Web & App Access

Snap Healthcare's iOS/Android app allows employees to upload proof of vaccine/results.

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Self-Managed Portals

Manage your entire team with unlimited admin, patient, and employee user accounts.

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Automated Notifications

Employees and Employers are automatically notified when out of testing compliance via SMS text or email.

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Lab Results Delivery

Transform your lab & panel documentation, delivery of results, and vaccination management.

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See Snap in Action

Snap Healthcare™ is a web-based documentation and reporting platform built to serve Clinics, Hospitals, Testing Centers, Labs, and Employers.

Transform your clinical documentation, delivery of health results, and data management through portals, data exchange, and automated email and text notification.

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